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May 29, 2015

Jensen and Danneel are mentioned in this article revealing married couples who currently start in, or did star in shows on the CW network. Danneel appeared in One Tree Hill, while Jensen stars in Supernatural.

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Here’s a couple that seemingly flew under the radar for both appearing in large roles for two huge CW shows. Jensen Ackles, 37, is of course Dean Winchester the brother to Jared Padalecki’s Sam on Supernatural and as it turns out he is married to none other than Danneel Harris, 36. Harris became a recurring star on One Tree Hill as Rachel Gattina in season three of the show and came back in season 7 as the wife of Dan Scott. The two CW alum had known each other for seven years and dated for three before finally becoming engaged in November 2009. They married less than a year later on May, 15 2010 in Dallas, Texas. Together they share one daughter, Justice Jay (JJ) Ackles who was born on May 30, 2013.




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