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2005 – Rule Number One
Directed by: David Presley
Written by: David Presley
Produced by: David Presley
Production year: 2005
Original release: September 08, 2005
Running time:
Other cast: Danielle Panabaker, Dan Gray, Matt Spangler
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‘Rule Number One: Boys are only after one thing!’ warns Grace’s mother as she gets ready for her first date. Grace sets out to prove her mother wrong, using her high school media class assignment to tackle the subject of Rule Number One. Followed by her trusty cameraman Brent, Grace embarks on a coming of age journey that throws her life into turmoil. The focus of Grace’s project thrusts her relationship into the cross-hairs and exposes her boyfriend as everything her mother warned her about. Shattered by the truth Grace perseveres, finishes her project, and finds romance in an unexpected place. This teen comedy explores the lives of high school students and their perceptions of gender dynamics in the dating world.