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2005 – 12th Premise
Directed by: Kristin Hanggi
Written by: Brian Crano
Produced by:
Production year: 2005
Original release:
Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes
Other cast: Brian Crano, Micah Hauptman, Jake Sandvig
Misc: Lillian Theatre, 1076 N. Lillian Way, Hollywood

Set between the winter of 1999 and September 2001, the plot channel-surfs between five twentysomethings who recall college touchstones while facing adult realities.

It centers on Aidan (Crano), a gay poet who struggles with belief in the face of his mother’s illness. His opposite number, boyhood friend Christian (Micah Hauptman), is an artist marked by his own parental traumas. There is deceptively cherubic Con (Jake Sandvig), whose Lutheran roots don’t preclude bedroom hypocrisy, and art student Caitlin (Danneel Harris), more perceptive than not.

These four, plus Keaton (Erik Eidem), create a mosaic of direct-address and interactive memories. It peaks with the title realization, in which maturity trumps adolescence and hope beats nihilism.