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2004 – What I Like About You
Created by: Wil Calhoun, Dan Schneider
Original Network: The WB
Number of Episodes: 4 (that Danneel has starred in)
Production year: 2003-2004
Original release: September 20, 2002 – March 24, 2006
Running time: 22–24 minutes
Other cast: Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth, Wesley Jonathan
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When their dad takes a job in Japan, wild Holly ends up bunking with her conservative older sister, Valerie, in New York City. Just when Val thinks she’s got everything under control, Holly’s zest to be a part of her big sister’s cool life and her knack for getting into trouble turns Val’s neatly regimented world upside down. As you’d expect from two young women living together, romantic relationships play a large role in the show’s later seasons. Val does PR work for most of the series before opening her own bakery, while Holly works a series of part-time jobs throughout the show.