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To start of the new year, and even before it, I have added new designs to the main site and gallery. Each design was created by English Rain, with the separate headers created by Neide.

As a ‘sort of’ added bonus, I have also redone the Icons Archive. These are now separated by specific categories, rather than mashed into a jumble of vague categories. Thank you Kaci for the new theme!

Lastly, and probably the most important thing, as from today our gallery is no longer accessible via the /gallery. I made the decision to restart the whole gallery as I was very unhappy with the overall layout and structure of it behind the scenes. Initially I had tried manually, one by one, moving images into new folders but as this was taking a considerable amount of time, I decided the best thing was to begin afresh.

So, our new Photos Archive is accessible via /photos or rather If however anyone reaches the /gallery, there shall be a splash page with a one click button to redirect you to our new gallery.

Also even though our new gallery hosts 26,000+ files, I still am in the process of uploading a number of Danneel’s movies. These shall be replaced with more HQ screencaps, hence the time wait.

Thank you for all the support and please, please be sure to visit the gallery and share it. It is a shame to loose 700k+ views on our old gallery, but 2017 brings new changes!


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This post is actually a number of days late, but due to technical issues I couldn’t type it up and post. Well I could have but I also wanted to include the details of the giveaway!

Firstly I wanted to take the time to thank all fans and followers of the site for the support they’ve given in the three years we have been online as a site. We started in 2012 as a humble Tumblr blog which then grew to be a fully working site. We’ve gone through many visual changes, as well as adding new features and also Rose to the site, but one thing has always stayed the same; our love for Danneel as a person and actress.

Thank you to Danneel for being an amazing role model to all her fans and also to her support of the site. It still amazes me that she follows our Twitter and has even responded to a few tweets we’ve send and tagged her in!

That’s mostly just what I wanted to say in terms of thank you’s. Now onto the giveaway!


In collaboration with the wonderful Eldwenne’s Fantasy, she has graciously offered to present her amazingly, beautiful Danneel inspired necklace, ‘Danneel’s Allure‘, as a prize for our giveaway to celebrate our 3 years online. Before we go into details, please take the time to check out her blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.

Now the important notes:

  1. This giveaway is hosted internationally.
  2. The winner must be comfortable giving me their address. I shall then pass this to Eldwenne’s Fantasy who will ship it out!
  3. In order to take part, you will have to RT the tweet below. That is all that is needed!
  4. This giveaway ends on the 21st June – one week from now.

So essentially, RT the tweet below and you are automatically entered. You shall be contacted via Twitter to confirm your address, and your name shall be announced as the winner!

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Honestly, at this point should it be any surprise that once again, the site has had a new design renovation? Not really, especially when it comes to this picky owner. Personally I feel I’ve exhausted every Danneel photoshoot that I can and wow, isn’t that a sign we should have more photoshoots? Hint, hint Danneel!

Anyway, we’re really happy to show off our design, based on her 2006 LA Confidential photoshoot, and it’s probably the most basic theme we’ve ever had! Not basic as in ‘ew she’s so basic‘, but rather no fancy features; just a pretty awesome header, nice colours and perfect coding. But look at how pretty the header is?! Gratrix Designs did an inspiring job, I must say. And yes they did also design our, sadly not used, PHP Motion Video archive. View at your own risk, the Vault is much more organised. Speaking off, I feel the urge of a new theme for the Vault- thoughts? Yay or Nay?

Anything new on the site?

Well, surprisingly no. Not really. Normally I have tonnes of newly added features, but I’ve actually removed some things. We don’t need all that ol’ clutter nobody uses, that I worked really hard on, practically hours. Sad face. Ok jokes.

But we do have a pretty snazzy career page for Danneel, designed by Kaci. Like how awesome and relaxing and wow is it to browse Danneel’s projects in an organised manner?

Also I did take the liberty in updating 2 sets of screencaps – now we can see HQ shots of Danneel in the amazingly, wonderful Extreme Movie.

Home > Movies > Extreme Movie > HQ Screencaps

Plus HQ screencaps of her as Jill in Naughty or Nice, and please be warned you can now see she is wearing the most amazing high heels, with a cute tiny bow. Lordt

Home > Movies > Extreme Movie > HQ Screencaps

Anyway, that’s all for now. Let’s pray that we get more Danneel news/events/photoshoots/anything at this point!

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For Danneel’s 37th birthday this year, we wanted to do something a little different than usual.We have set up a charity fundraiser in aid of Hat’s Off For Cancer, a charity Jensen and Danneel have supported before.

At this point, we are starting with a goal of £500 which we feel is generous and also do-able! However more than this amount can be raised, which would be even more generous!

If you can remember, before their daughter Justice was born, instead of gifts, the couple asked for donation’s here, which surpassed the initial amount!

Hat’s Off For Cancer is a very special charity as it provides hat’s for children suffering from the disease. To find out more, check here.

See the initial post of the official site about Jensen and Danneel’s fundraiser. And the original campaign.

Just to be clear, receives NO MONEY from this fundraiser. 100% (unless a small percentage applies towards fees) goes towards the charity.

We would like to thank people beforehand and would love if you could spread the word.

You can donate to the fundraiser here, or by using the widget below:


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I have added a new post to our fashion archive depicting Danneel’s fashion in 2015! Hopefully in the new year, just a few hours away (!), we can get many more red carpet appearances as that’s definitely where Danneel shines a lot!

Visit the Fashion Archive!

Also I have added a new/old video of Danneel on the red carpet at the opening of G Star Drive in 2011. It’s just a brief glimpse, however it’s nice to see her photobombing, a regular occurrence with her!

Check the video below!

Lastly, I created a small video showing the events in 2015 that happened, including the USA football match, Thinkery Imaginarium and more!

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We are very happy and excited to show off our brand new designs and features/sections to the site! Firstly we have new main site and gallery themes that we hope you will love.

site gallery

Secondly we have created two brand new sections to FFD; Quotes and Fashion! Instead of having them all located in various pages on the site, we thought it would be more exciting to have them completely separate and with awesome designs too!

On the quotes section, you can submit your own quotes that you find in relation to Danneel. These can include character quotes, quotes about Jensen, her life, her career and more. View the categories here.

In the fashion section, there shall be regular posts created in relation to Danneel’s style and beauty. However this is not a dress like blog per se. Dress Like Danneel is still very much the number one and main resource for that. Fashion… is just a fun section to highlight her fashion and articles such as Style clashes, repeated outfits etc.

quotes fashion

I also decided to completely rewrite Danneel’s biography – it is more more informative and detailed, highlighting many of Danneel’s career movies, personal life and general trivia about her life.

Other rewrites of certain pages include the famous co-stars section; it is now in the form of a slideshow that I think will be very handy and quick for followers to read. On top of looking out for many more slideshows, you can also look out for regular, possibly weekly, random articles. These will be informative posts, just for fun and to also keep the site active on a regular basis. With Danneel currently taking a small break from acting, it’s still nice to read things about her career in general. Our first post will be about her history with Maxim!

Lastly I have updated multiple images in the gallery with HQ ones and also added screencaps of various event videos. You can find them via the gallery (you can also view pages 1-11 on the last uploads for quicker viewing!)

On one last note, I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Advent Calender for 2015, and there are many more surprises to come!

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As a Danneel fan, I know how important it is to support her projects so in aim to do this and also show off Danneel’s acting skills, I created an acting reel. This video showcases all of Danneel’s projects from 2004 until present. Isn’t it weird seeing how much she has achieved in just over 10 years? Plus all the A listers she has worked with?!

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I am really happy to show off our two new features to the site (there will be another coming soon :D) that will be very beneficial to all Danneel fans! As you can see in the previews below, they are very beautifully designed by Kaci.


Firstly, we have a new Danneel fanlisting, ‘Unique Beauty’! Essentially this is where fans can sign up to join and potentially make friends with fans from all over the world. To join, all you have to do is click ‘Join’ and enter a few details such as your name, email (optional), and where you are from. I think this will be an amazing way to see from which countrie Danneel’s fans come from.


Secondly we have a brand new FAQ feature. I figured it would be very helpful to have a section of questions and answers that fans may be curious about. Even better, you can send in your own questions if you are wanting to know some information that isn’t already there. To do this, all you have to do is type your question in the box on the homepage and send it off. Including your name is optional!

I hope everyone enjoys these new features, and please share the fanlisting! I also hope to have the other new feature up and running within the week!

Fanlisting | FAQ

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So happy and excited to say that I finally have the site revamp complete. Honestly I didn’t think it would take me nearly a week but I uploaded tonnes of new HQ images. There are way too many to go through, but some highlights include:

The Back Up Plan (wow like I uploaded over a hundred here XD)

NBC Upfronts

Hollywood Gala

Prohibition Night (Unfortunately they are still tagged, but they are HQ!)

The Roommate Premiere

PCA’s 2013

Candids from Rome and Katsuya

And More! Just browse the site to find them 😀 Also some advice, the HQ ones may be mixed up, so just click the arrow where it says sort by date, then all the newly added images will be at the end 😀

Thanks to everyone for your patience and I really hope that you love the brand new design!

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