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Happy Birthday Danneel!

I would like to take the time to wish Danneel a very Happy 38th Birthday and a beautiful day with her family and friends! Lot of her fans have been very active on Twitter and Tumblr, and Danneel herself took to Twitter to not just thank

Social Media Updates

Danneel has been very active on her Twitter and Instagram the past few days. Between lending her support to victim’s and families of those tragically murdered in Orlando, and posting about Father’s Day, she has been quite busy. My prayers are with the victims/families of

Danneel Social Media Updates

Wow, so sorry for the lack of updates around here! Real life can be extrememly hectic and right now I’ve been s busy, I’ve not had time to post Danneel’s latest tweets and news! Firstly Danneel and Jensen had quite a bit of fun with

Danneel Shares A Christmas Selfie

We at FFD hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and shared many great memories! Danneel took the time to share this pretty Christmas selfie:  

Jensen & Danneel Celebrate Halloween With Justice

Have you ever seen anything more cooler than the Ackles family dressed up as the Wayne’s World characters? I think not! And on to of that, Justice looking so adorable in her Cinderella costume! Danneel tweeted this picture of them celebrating Halloween with the Padalecki’s: Party

Baby Bootcamp airing tonight in America!

A year after it aired in countries such as the UK, France and Canada, Danneel’s most recent movie Baby Bootcamp is finally airing on American television. Airing at 7:00pm central ET, with another showing at 9:00pm ET, on UPtv the movie is a must see

Tweet: Danneel wishes a Happy Mother’s Day

Danneel took the time out of her day to tweet a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and also thanked Jensen for making her a mother! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! I hope your day was wonderful! Xx — Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris)

New Twitpic: Danneel at the 2015 Craft Brewers Convention Week

Danneel is currently at the CBC2015 event in Oregon with Jensen and also her brother Gino. The event is aimed towards the creation of beer and wine, something in which Jensen has an interest in as he co-owns a company with Jared Padalecki! Danneel posted

Take a Sweet Look at Jensen Ackles’s Photogenic Family

Twitpics that Danneel has taken on Twitter are included on this cute article about Jensen and his family. The only thing Jensen Ackles might take more seriously than his work on Supernatural is his real-life role as a loving father. It’s been less than two years

Twitter: Danneel posts a new picture

Danneel posted then pretty interesting mashup of herself and Darth Maul from Star Wars. Pretty cool, huh? pic.twitter.com/GQVFFnen1Q — Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris) March 6, 2015