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Update: 38 Images of the group have been added to the gallery! Thank you Sara for finding them and credit to the photographer, Annie Ray!

Last night, Danneel, Jensen, Jared and Genevieve attended the 2016 Thinkery Imaginarium Gala; the second time for Danneel as she attended with Genevieve last year. Although we have yet to see any HQ pictures, or photobooth shots like last year, Steve Carlson, a friend of Jensen and Danneel’s, attended with his wife Lana and posted an image of the families and friends together at the event.

According to the welcome notice/menu, Jensen and Danneel contributed a sum of money which has led to the partnership between Thinkery and POP Austin, titled Think POP. If you can remember from last year, Danneel attended POP Austin with her brother and Steve also.

Another amazing piece of news is that Danneel and Jensen shall also be hosting ThinkPOP at 800 Congress on Saturday 15th october. We are hopeful to possibly have some news from now and until that date. Perhaps even pictures of the event!

We shall update if any pictures/videos are released online. Be sure to check out shots from last years Thinkery, using the gallery below:

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Although the pictures have been up for a while, they are only surfacing now on various social media. Danneel tweeted about the event a while back, and attended on the 22nd October with Steve and Lana Carlson.

Danneel looked beautiful at the event, posing for pictures and even giving us a glimpse that she was re-wearing part of her Supernatural 200th Episode party outfit, her Alexander McQueen skirt! Check pictures in the gallery below:

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A few days ago we found Baby Bootcamp on the USA version of iTunes, and of course that made us very excited! We have now added HQ and tagless screencaps of the movie to our gallery; check them out following the link below:


Feel free to use the caps for icons, edits etc but please do not reupload. 

I have also added a new behind the scenes image of Danneel on the set of the movie; how beautiful does she look?!


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With credit McClendon to I have added 10 HQ images of Danneel and Genevieve messing around in the photobooth and The Thinkery Imaginarium. Check them following the link below!

Home > Events/appearances > 2015 > Thinkery Imaginarium – 25th September

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Danneel attended the yearly event with Genevieve, which also hosts an auction. I have added 1 photobooth image to the gallery and hope for more!

Home > Events >2015 > Thinkery Imaginarium – 25th September

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Thanks to a fan, we have a new picture of Danneel! It’s from wayback in 2014 when Danneel accompanied Jensen to Comic Con, for his Supernatural panel on the 28 July. Danneel was present in the press room while Jensen gave interviews.

You can find the HQ picture by clicking the image above or by also clicking the link below!

Home > Conventions > San Diego Comic Con – 27th July 2014

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I have capped a HQ copy of Danneel’s most recent movie, Baby Bootcamp and added the images to the gallery. Although they are labelled as 1080 quality, they are not true HQ, however they are much better quality than the medium sized caps that already exist in the gallery.

The director stated last year the movie would be released on DVD, so if that transpires, we will also cap the DVD version.

Please note that the caps in the gallery also feature tags on them, such as the UPtv logo and advertisements that aired while the movie did. I have done my best to exclude caps like this.

Home > Movies > Baby Bootcamp > HQ Screencaps

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Hey everyone, I have just a small gallery update to share!

I have added a few HQ images of various events Danneel has attended, as well as replacing a previous LQ version in the Country Music and Television Awards album. You can view the update albums below (for some reason the images aren’t showing the latest added pictures. Please proceed to the end page of the album to view them):

Home > Events/Appearances > 2014 > 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards Arrivals – January 16th

Home > Events/Appearances > 2010 > The Back Up Plan Premiere – 21st April

Home > Events/Appearances > 2006 >Sauza Tequila Party Hosted by Jeremy Piven – 5th May

Home > Events/Appearances > 2011 > Country Music and Television Awards – 8th June

Home > Events/Appearances > 2006 > The CW’s Summer 2006 TCA Party – 17th July

Home > Events/Appearances > 2009 > Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration – 13th May

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Firstly I updated a number of different albums in the gallery:

Events > 2009  > Fired Up Premiere

Events > 2011 > Paley fest

Events > 2011 > A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Events > 2010 > Blackberry Torch

Events > 2011 > G Star Opening

Candids > 2010 > Jensen and Danneel landing in New York

Candids > 2010 > Jensen and Danneel attending a basketball match


Then I recently was able to get 2 HQ images of Danneel while in Tampa, Florida. From the date, it appears it is the day before her appearance at the Maxim Superbowl Party. These are never seen before, and I hope to try and find more of these candids!

Home > Candid >2009 > Tampa, Florida

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