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Danneel Attends Supernatural Convention in New Orleans

Today has been a very exciting day for Danneel fans as she made an appearance at NolaCon, being held in New Orleans. To help promote the new brewery company, being set up by Jensen, Danneel and Gino, both Danneel and brother Gino attended the convention

Danneel Attends The Thinkery Imaginarium 2017

For the third year in a row, Danneel made an attendance at the The Thinkery Imaginarium, an event that raises funds for Texan families in need. As well as herself, Danneel also attended with her brother Gino, Genevieve Padalecki, Steve Carlson, Lana Carlson and Jessica

Danneel Attends Team Gleason Fireside Chat at SXSW

Wow first event of 2016! Danneel attended the event at SXSW in Austin alongside Jensen, Jared, Genevieve and Gino. This particular event was a film preview of ‘Gleason’, a movie depicting the life of NFL player Steve Gleason, who sadly suffers from ASL. As for

Twitter: Genevieve Posts Picture Of Herself, Danneel, Gino and Jared Celebrating

While watching the women’s USA football team win their way to the World Cup Final, Genevieve posted this picture of Twitter, showing just how much fun the gang are having! Jensen is not pictured, as it is likely he is currently preparing for his Supernatural

New Twitpic: Gino, Danneel and family at the Craft Brewers Convention

Gino tweeted a picture of himself with Danneel and their family at the CBC 2015! Jensen was also there, but not in the picture: Here is half the crew having lunch at #Deschutes brewery in #PDX -cheers! #CBC2015 @DanneelHarris @JensenAckles pic.twitter.com/5d6rCOR97o — Gino Graul (@GinoGraul)

New Twitpic: Danneel at the 2015 Craft Brewers Convention Week

Danneel is currently at the CBC2015 event in Oregon with Jensen and also her brother Gino. The event is aimed towards the creation of beer and wine, something in which Jensen has an interest in as he co-owns a company with Jared Padalecki! Danneel posted