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Guess Who Is Officially Joining Supernatural?

Something that many Danneel fans have been hoping for years has finally happened! Today it was announced that Danneel is officially joining Supernatural! Even better news, is that’s it’s a recurring role! So potentially 2+ episodes which is so exciting. The last time we saw

Danneel and Jensen Welcome Their New Additions!

From now on the 2nd December every year marks a special occasion for Danneel and Jensen as it was posted, by Jensen himself, that they had welcomed their new additions into the world. We already knew they were expecting a boy and girl, but what

Danneel and Jensen Are Expecting Again!

I’m so excited to be writing this! Danneel and Jensen both confirmed via People and also their Instagram accounts that they are expecting again! Not only that, but they are having twins; a boy and a girl! They will be Justice’s first siblings, and we

Danneel Attends POP Austin VIP Opening Night in 2015

Although the pictures have been up for a while, they are only surfacing now on various social media. Danneel tweeted about the event a while back, and attended on the 22nd October with Steve and Lana Carlson. Can't wait! https://t.co/XdH9F1ggnr — Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris) August

News: Ten Inch Hero now available on Hulu!

Great news for fans of the 2007 movie; it is now available on Hulu! Currently you can rent or buy the movie on the official Ten Inch Hero website, and now it has moved to Hulu. Visit here to watch it online. As a reminder,

News: Baby Bootcamp previewed on UPtv

On Sunday, 14th June, Baby Bootcamp is finally premiering on American television, a year after it initially aired in the UK, France and Canada. To recap what the movie is about: In this romantic comedy, super cute fitness instructor Julia Penman, is down on her

News: Confirmed airing for Baby Bootcamp in America

Although we reported previously that Baby Bootcamp would be airing sometime in May, Christie Wills confirmed that it was actually be airing on the 14th June. #babybootcamp scheduled to premiere on @UPtv Sunday, June 14 — Christie Will (@Christie_Will) April 22, 2015

Danneel is at Comic Con!!

Danneel has actually attended Comic Con like many hoped! Some pics were tweeted with her, and you can view them in our gallery also 🙂 Things got a little #supernatural in the wine shop tonight. @cw_spn #SDCC #SDCC2014 pic.twitter.com/doyg32ZRwN — CUCINA urbana (@CUCINAurbana) July 27,

TSA: America tickets online now! Edited

The official TSA:America twitter just tweeted a link to the StageIt show where you can also buy tickets to see the live viewing of the short movie featuring, Danneel, Misha Collins and other guests. The showing is being filmed at DC Con on the 3rd May.

TSA: America live showing announced!

Misha, the creator of TSA:America, just announced via his Twitter that there will be a live showing of TSA:America, the web short that Danneel took part in in 2013. If you're on the fence: 1) I promise you'll learn a lot. & 2) You'll get