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Guess Who Is Officially Joining Supernatural?

Something that many Danneel fans have been hoping for years has finally happened! Today it was announced that Danneel is officially joining Supernatural! Even better news, is that’s it’s a recurring role! So potentially 2+ episodes which is so exciting. The last time we saw

15 Reasons Why Rachel Is An Underrated Villain!

Hollywood.com published this super cool list of 15 reasons why Rachel Gatina is the most underrated villain! Although I don’t think Rachel was always a bad villain, she definitely did provide some amazing, badass moments in the One Tree Hill Series! Check out the list

What I Like About You screencaps added

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year, which I hope brings us many good Danneel things! Thanks to Sammy I have newly updated screencaps of Danneel in What I Like About You added to the