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October 11, 2013

I have another huge update of images of Danneel as Sara, back in the 2010 show. Some of these have never been seen before and include behind the scenes, promo shoots and episode stills.

TV > Friends with Benefits > Episode Stills

TV > Friends with Benefits > Behind the Scenes

I will also be adding promoshots and stills of other cast members in the show, as I felt it would be a waste not to include them.

Another show I added promotional stills for was when Danneel was in JAG.

TV > JAG > Episode Stills

On top of this update, I have added more HQ images to the following events:

Event’s/Appearances > 2013 > People’s Choice Awards

Event’s/Appearances > 2011 > Paley Fest 

Event’s/Appearances > 2010 > Blackberry Opening

Event’s/Appearances > 2011 > A Very Harold and Kumar Xmas Premiere

Event’s/Appearances > 2011 > The Roommate

Event’s/Appearances > 2011 > CMA’s

Event’s/Appearances > 2011 > G Star Rodeo Opening

Event’s/Appearances > 2009 > Fired Up Premiere


As usual the newly added images will either be at the back of the album, and/or have zero views 🙂



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