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December 19, 2013


This Christmas, Danneel and Jensen are pledging support to The Manna Room, specifically to raise money for the 2013 East Hollywood Toy Giveaway. From the site itself:

‘We are in need of last minute donations to finish purchasing toys to be given away.  Toys and a backpack filled with school supplies will be given away to over 1,700 children in a single night.  Leftover toys are given to partner organizations to be distributed before Christmas, to other children in need.  This is a massive undertaking and we need your help. Please make a tax deductible donation today and help provide Christmas presents to children who otherwise would not receive any gifts. Every dollar counts and 100% of your donation is used to purchase toys and school supplies. The Giveaway is right around the corner on Monday December 23rd and we are still raising money and welcoming toy donations.’

And from Danneel as to why and how they got involved:



To donate to the charity, and help raise fund, please go to the direct page and click ‘Donate’ and the bottom of the screen.



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