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December 5, 2015

Some of Danneel’s most iconic photoshoots have been part of the magazine, Maxim. From posing with her One Tree Hill co-stars to a Pink cupcake, she has always looked amazing the 4 times she has posed for them (her 5th placement had no photoshoot D:)!

In 2009 Danneel even hosted the Hot 100 E!Special for Maxim. Below is a brief history of her shoots and interviews with the magazine.



In the November 2006 issue of Maxim, Danneel appeared on the cover and 5 page spread with her OTH co-stars, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush.

During the interview, they discussed paparazzi, fan encounters, advice and Hollywood. To discover what Danneel wore in some of the picture find them at Dress Like Danneel.


Magazine Scans | Gallery



In 2007, Danneel placed in the Maxim Hot 100 list for the first time in her career, a respectable number 62. For the accompanying photoshoot, shot by Steven Lippman,she transformed into a beautiful pin up girl.


As well as a video of the shoot being released, Danneel also took part in video interviews with other girls on the list.

maxim13 maxim14

Magazine Scans | Gallery | Video | Interview One



This year, Danneel placed number 45 on the list (up 13 place from the previous year). For this shoot, shot by Steve Shaw, she posed on a highway in various outfits using many props such a pretty awesome looking car and a gasoline bucket.


Again, she took part in a video of the shoot (weirdly some, if not all shots in the video didn’t make it in the final photoshoot) as well as interviews with other Maxim girls.


 maxim16 maxim17

Magazine Scans | Gallery | Video | Interview One | Interview Two



For Maxim in 2009, Danneel placed number 28 which was the highest she had ever placed. It was also quite a busy year for her as not only did she pose for them, she also hosted the Maxim special!

maxim10 maxim9 maxim8

The shoot, shot once again by Steve Shaw, featured her in various outfits with confetti and a sweet looking cupcake! Again visit Dress Like Danneel for some details of her outfits.

On the 13th May, she attended the celebration event alongside Mardi Gras co-star Arielle Kebbel. A while later she hosted the Maxim special that aired on the E! channel. To view the program, albeit Russian dubbed, you can see it on our Youtube channel.


Magazine Scans | Gallery | Outtakes | Maxim E!Special

In 2010, the last year she featured, Danneel placed 72.


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[…] Loving the barn/farmyard inspired placement! A few years later, in 2008, Danneel did what is perhaps my absolute favourite photoshoot she has ever done. With shots ranging from colour to Black & White, she looked amazing! Some of the pictures take place on a sandy setting with Danneel look gorgeous in a striped bikini, and others from the shoot have Danneel relaxing on a bed and chair. If anyone knows how to shoot her in black and white, it’s Bjoern! One of the things I love about this shoot, is that although she poses in a bikini at one time, it never has the same feel as the bikini shots she has done with Maxim magazine. […]

Jan 21, 16 at 10:52 pm


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