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August 30, 2013

This past week Jensen and Jared attended Vancon 2013 and had a breakfast panel and a full panel. During the course of the panel Jensen had a few tidbits to say about his daughter Justice and also how Danneel came up with the name herself. You can see the tweets below, and also a video taken of the panel.

Breakfast Panel:

‘#VanCon Jensen is hoping to use his experience as a big brother to his sister for JJ.’

Fan: Jensen has a girl. Jared: and Jensen remembers being a boy haha. #vancon

Jensen: this is a parenting panel by a couple of rookies. Hahaha. #vancon

Jensen talking about bringing JJ home from hospital, going over a speedbump “OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY” #VanCon #J2

Jensen can’t even go over speed bumps fast since JJ. Awww. #vancon

Jensen’s nickname is Jay so its Justice Jay. Obstetrician: now there’s a little justice in the world. Lol #vancon

#VanCon It is crazy. Great. This is first weekend he’s been away from her. She’s doing great. – Jensen on dadhood


Talking about JJ

Full Panel:

I heard a rumor about JDM not being happy with John’s image and wanting to come back” Jensen: yeah and I heard a rumor I’m married to someone who isn’t my wife

Jensen in talks for huge film; couldn’t make it work and wanted to spend time w/ baby girl. 🙂 #VanCon #meetngreet

Jensen “I’m still trying to figure out how to changes diapers at this point” #Vancon

Jensen also mentioned how Danneel chose Justice herself as their daughters name and Jay as it is Jensen’s nickname.



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