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Introducing the new look for Fans For Danneel!!

Designed by the amazingly talented Archie, we have brand new looks for the main site and the gallery. For the site I decided to, of course, use Danneel and Jensen’s appearance at the 2014 Critics Choice Awards. For the gallery, I went for their Black and White photoshoot at the Malibu Charity Gala in 2012.

On top of the new designs, we also have a big gallery update! From an appearance in 2003, the whole way up to 2014, we have a number of HQ pictures for you to all enjoy. Below is a full list of updated albums:

Please note newly added images will either be at the start of the albums, have todays datestamp (09/02/14) and/or will have replaced old LQ files.

I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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