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May 18, 2015

Fanshare has posted this article about Jensen and Danneel’s 5th wedding anniversary on the 15th May.

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We have seen so many high-profile celebrity relationships over the years but, due to one reason or another, the majority of these relationships fail to last the test of time, which leads to a huge amount of celebrity break ups every year. Fortunately though, there have been a few high-profile romances that have managed to last for a long time, giving hope that it is possible to make them work.

Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles met the gorgeous actress Danneel Harris back in 2006 and the two soon confirmed that they were in a relationship together. Three years later, in November 2009, it was announced that Jensen and Danneelhad got engaged, with the couple finally tying the knot on May 15, 2010, which means that the couple have been celebrating five years of marriage together, over the weekend.
Jensen Ackles even took to his official Twitter account to let his fans know just how much he was still in love with Danneel Ackles. Jensen posted a picture of the two of them together, along with the caption, “#HappyAnniversary 2 my wife.  5 yrs ago today. What a party, and what a thrill it has been.  Love you @DanneelHarris.” Congratulations guys, you truly deserve all the happiness in the world.



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