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Twitpics that Danneel has taken on Twitter are included on this cute article about Jensen and his family.

The only thing Jensen Ackles might take more seriously than his work on Supernatural is his real-life role as a loving father. It’s been less than two years since his wife, Danneel Harris, gave birth to their daughter, Justice Jay Ackles. Although the couple doesn’t post a lot on social media, the moments they do share pack in a lot of cuteness. Read on to see the family’s sweet pictures, and if you can’t get enough of Jensen, listen to his impressive singing voice and vote for him in ourMarch Man-ness poll.

View the slideshow here.

March 23, 2015

Danneel features in this written article for Teen.com

What i like about you, rachel gatina, one tree hill,Danneel Ackles,Danneel Harris,Ackles

After What I Like About You’s Henry learned that Holly had feelings for Vince, he moved on to a girl named Kate, played by Danneel Harris (now Ackles, ’cause she married another CW star). The redheaded actress played that part for four episodes before moving on to join the Charmed cast for one episode in 2005. A few months later, she made her first appearance as the ever hated Rachel Gattina on One Tree Hill.


March 19, 2015

baby bootcamp, Danneel Ackles,Danneel Harris,Ackles

Almost a year from when it first started airing in countries including the UK and France, Christie Wills (director) announced via Twitter that Baby Bootcamp will definitely be showing. Below is the tweet she made, with details:

I’m glad that American fans will now be getting to see the movie, which was Danneel’s first ever main role project!

March 18, 2015

birthday, Danneel Ackles,Danneel Harris,Ackles

Today is Danneel’s 36th birthday and I would like to take the moment to wish her a very Happy Birthday! I hope you get spoiled rotten by family friends and a big thank you for being an amazing role model and woman!

March 17, 2015

Danneel was at the festival in Austin Texas with Genevieve, and took a few pics and looked great while doing so!

In the Instagram picture below, Danneel may or may not have a new Instagram but it doesn’t have any pictures yet, so we will wait for confirmation if it is legit:


March 7, 2015

Danneel posted then pretty interesting mashup of herself and Darth Maul from Star Wars. Pretty cool, huh?