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Danneel Attends The Austin Police Departments Ceremony

That’s not exactly the full title of the event but it was a bit too long to include it in the header, so for for your information it was ‘The Austin Police Department’s Officer’s  Distinguished Awards Ceremony‘, held last night to honour more than 30 people for distinguished

One Tree Hill Stars; Where Are They Now?

An article where the author actually speaks the thoughts of Danneel’s fans: ‘The character of Rachel Gatina is pretty under appreciated in my opinion.’ That right there tells me this is a good, good list. The Richest posted this article including a countdown of where

Introducing Our New Site Design!

Honestly, at this point should it be any surprise that once again, the site has had a new design renovation? Not really, especially when it comes to this picky owner. Personally I feel I’ve exhausted every Danneel photoshoot that I can and wow, isn’t that a

Jensen Tweets A Birthday Selfie With Danneel

I’m thinking it’s an old picture, but what does that matter?! How cute do they look?!!! Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife @DanneelHarris … Who amazes me daily. pic.twitter.com/FfJP3Up2wc — Jensen Ackles (@JensenAckles) March 18, 2016

Happy 37th Birthday Danneel!

Today is a special day as it is Danneel’s 37th birthday! FFD would like to take a moment to wish Danneel a very Happy Birthday and hope she has a great day with family and friends! As for birthday tributes, you can currently find many

Bjoern Kommerell Shares Another Throwback Of Danneel

How lucky are we that Bjoern has decided to share another throwback image of one of his photoshoots with Danneel?! This time, it’s a shot of Danneel on the sand, one of my personal favourites! Again big thanks to Bjoern for sharing this – he

Danneel Attends Team Gleason Fireside Chat at SXSW

Wow first event of 2016! Danneel attended the event at SXSW in Austin alongside Jensen, Jared, Genevieve and Gino. This particular event was a film preview of ‘Gleason’, a movie depicting the life of NFL player Steve Gleason, who sadly suffers from ASL. As for

Danneel Social Media Updates

Wow, so sorry for the lack of updates around here! Real life can be extrememly hectic and right now I’ve been s busy, I’ve not had time to post Danneel’s latest tweets and news! Firstly Danneel and Jensen had quite a bit of fun with

Danneel Posts Super Cute Mommy and Daughter Time Picture!

Looks like Danneel is in full swing of celebrating Mardi Gras 2016, except she is spending it with little JJ! How cute do they look in their masks! Check out the tweet below! #MardiGras2016 #FatTuesday pic.twitter.com/0Qh0GsPWc4 — Danneel HarrisAckles (@DanneelHarris) February 9, 2016

Danneel and Jensen Dine With Steve Carlson

Following the adorable selfie from Jensen and Danneel last night, apparently they were dining with their good friend, Steve Carlson! He posted this picture on Instagram, which can be found in our gallery! Good times with these two last night… as always #latergram A photo