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After posting various snippets of the interview on social media, as well as images, we finally have the full interview of Jensen and Danneel, done by Fox 7 Austin. I have added images to the gallery, including screencaps of the interview.


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The video can be watched below:

Last night, the first preview showing for The Family Business Beer Company took place, with Jensen and Danneel attending with Gino, Nate and other friends and family. Also attending were various bloggers, who later shared recounts of the night.

I have added various images of the night to the gallery. Thank you to fans who posted images, as well as various bloggers!


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Danneel also posted this photobooth gif on Instagram:

What a great start to 2018 already! I personally wasn’t expecting there to be a lot of promotion for the new venture, but it seems we should be expecting so!

Danneel, Jensen, Gino and Nate are currently doing interviews and a new photoshoot to promote their new Brewery that they have set up together. I have added pictures of the photoshoot, as well as BTS video screencaps to the gallery.


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Below is an Instagram picture of Jensen and Danneel while being interviewed.

I would like to take the time to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and also best wishes for the New Year! In 2018 we will finally see Danneel joining Supernatural, it couldn’t be more exciting! A few days ago, Jensen and Danneel were at their good friend Steve Carlson’s Christmas party, and took the time to do a fun photobooth. Below are links to the pictures in the gallery, as well as Danneel’s IG post.


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Christmas is nearly upon us and clearly the trio are in the mood! Danneel posted an Instagram picture of herself, Jensen and Misha gift-wrapping presents for a special occasion.

All 3 are part of Misha’s organisation Random Acts, and this Christmas are donating various gifts to children and their families at Canuck Place.

As you can see, @jensenackles@misha , & I are expert gift-wrappers! So last week we put our skills to work for @Randomactsorg’s #HolidayKindness, donating cameras, Polaroids & film along with recreational therapy for the sick kids & their families at @CanuckPlace. Hope everyone out there has a chance to give back in their own way, that is truly what this time of year is all about! #getmotivatedtogiveback #randomacts

The picture has also been posted to the gallery.

I couldn’t think of a more apt title for this post 🙂 Danneel posted a picture on Instagram of herself getting makeup done, for her character Sister Jo. In the background, we can spot a very ‘focused’ looking Misha! The caption read

Getting your makeup done by @trishymakeup is definitely one of the perks of working on #SPN Another is being in the presence of @misha 😉😱📷 @jensenackles

The picture has been added to the gallery, which you can also view the post below!