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Danneel Posts Super Cute Mommy and Daughter Time Picture!

Looks like Danneel is in full swing of celebrating Mardi Gras 2016, except she is spending it with little JJ! How cute do they look in their masks! Check out the tweet below!

Danneel and Jensen Dine With Steve Carlson

Following the adorable selfie from Jensen and Danneel last night, apparently they were dining with their good friend, Steve Carlson! He posted this picture on Instagram, which can be found in our gallery!

Good times with these two last night… as always #latergram

A photo posted by Steve Carlson (@stevecarlson) on

Jensen Shares A Fun Ackles Selfie

Jensen posted this selfie of himself and Danneel, and it looked like they clearly had a lot of fun on their date night!

Don’t they seem like the fun people you’d like to hang out with?

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15 Reasons Why Rachel Is An Underrated Villain!

Hollywood.com published this super cool list of 15 reasons why Rachel Gatina is the most underrated villain! Although I don’t think Rachel was always a bad villain, she definitely did provide some amazing, badass moments in the One Tree Hill Series!

Check out the list here!

Danneel and Bjoern Kommerell

With Bjoern posting a recent throwback of a shoot he did with Danneel a long time ago, I thought why not type up an article just going over all the times, we know off, that they worked together!

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I am obsessed with the shots Bjoern has done with Danneel – I feel that no matter how stripped down they are, he really makes her beauty shine. Having shot her in a professional photoshoot and also her wedding, we’ve seen how great his own skills are. Perhaps that’s why they’re the basis of our site design!

When Danneel first started her career, she obviously needed professional headshots that would be handed to potential jobs with her resume, and although it is not 100% confirmed, it’s accepted that Bjoern more than likely did these shots with her. On Twitter, posted a shot of Danneel, taken in Malibu, 2003 which was around the time she started acting on One Life to Live.

Below are some of these:

1-23 2-0

Home > Photoshoots > 2003 > Set 001

Loving the barn/farmyard inspired placement!

A few years later, in 2008, Danneel did what is perhaps my absolute favourite photoshoot she has ever done. With shots ranging from colour to Black & White, she looked amazing!

Some of the pictures take place on a sandy setting with Danneel look gorgeous in a striped bikini, and others from the shoot have Danneel relaxing on a bed and chair. If anyone knows how to shoot her in black and white, it’s Bjoern!

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Danneel Attends POP Austin VIP Opening Night in 2015

Although the pictures have been up for a while, they are only surfacing now on various social media. Danneel tweeted about the event a while back, and attended on the 22nd October with Steve and Lana Carlson.

Danneel looked beautiful at the event, posing for pictures and even giving us a glimpse that she was re-wearing part of her Supernatural 200th Episode party outfit, her Alexander McQueen skirt! Check pictures in the gallery below:

Home > Events > 2015 > POP Austin VIP Opening Night

Danneel Featured In Tough Mudder 2015 Video

Last year, Jensen and Jared as well as other SPN cast members and friends, took part in the obstacle course Tough Mudder. Genevieve and Danneel also accompanied the guys, possibly for moral support as that course looked super hard, and definitely not something I would do!

In the video that was released today, which you should watch if not for the brief glimpse of Danneel, but also the men looking pretty good, thanks to Kaylee for the tip, we have a few glimpses of Danneel looking like she was enjoying their little picnic!

Check out the screencaps and you can watch the video below.

Home > Screencaps > 2015 > Tough Mudder Kings Of Con SPN Cast


Tough Mudder from The Sidekick on Vimeo.

Danneel Birthday Fundraiser!

For Danneel’s 37th birthday this year, we wanted to do something a little different than usual.We have set up a charity fundraiser in aid of Hat’s Off For Cancer, a charity Jensen and Danneel have supported before.

At this point, we are starting with a goal of £500 which we feel is generous and also do-able! However more than this amount can be raised, which would be even more generous!

If you can remember, before their daughter Justice was born, instead of gifts, the couple asked for donation’s here, which surpassed the initial amount!

Hat’s Off For Cancer is a very special charity as it provides hat’s for children suffering from the disease. To find out more, check here.

See the initial post of the official site about Jensen and Danneel’s fundraiser. And the original campaign.

Just to be clear, FansForDanneel.com receives NO MONEY from this fundraiser. 100% (unless a small percentage applies towards fees) goes towards the charity.

We would like to thank people beforehand and would love if you could spread the word.

You can donate to the fundraiser here, or by using the widget below:


Bjoern Kommerell Treats Us To An Old Picture!

For those who know me personally, they know I am absolutely obsessed with Bjoern Kommerell (that’s why one of their photoshoots together is our site design :D)! He has worked many times with Danneel during her career; taking headshots, photoshoots and also was the official photographer for her and Jensen’s wedding!

Sadly a lotof pictures we have aren’t the greatest quality, especially my favourite black and white ones, but today Bjoern treated us to a picture of Danneel from way back in 2004!

Home > Photoshoots > 2004 > Set 001

You can find the picture in our gallery and the tweet below!

2015 Fashion At A Glance

I have added a new post to our fashion archive depicting Danneel’s fashion in 2015! Hopefully in the new year, just a few hours away (!), we can get many more red carpet appearances as that’s definitely where Danneel shines a lot!

Visit the Fashion Archive!

Also I have added a new/old video of Danneel on the red carpet at the opening of G Star Drive in 2011. It’s just a brief glimpse, however it’s nice to see her photobombing, a regular occurrence with her!

Check the video below!

Lastly, I created a small video showing the events in 2015 that happened, including the USA football match, Thinkery Imaginarium and more!