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At the end of February, Danneel took part in a photoshoot and interview for her new venture with her family, The Family Business Beer Company. As we all know now, the company is doing amazingly well, and it’s great to see so much promotion for it. It’s also a double plus for another Danneel interview […]

How great to get an extra long interview with both Jensen and Danneel! We have been treated to so much already and it’s still only January! After posting a snippet a while back, we finally have the full interview with Studio 152, hosted by Joe Barlow. I have added the video below, as well as […]

In an interview titled ‘Best Products with Best Austin’, Jensen and Danneel chatted about the new beer company set up in Austin. They also talked about other fun things such as their joint celebrity name (Grackles anyone?) I have posted the video below, as well as added screencaps to the gallery!    home > screencaps > interviews > 2018 > best products with best […]

The day has finally arrived! Today The Family Business Beer Company was officially open for business and judging by the various pictures posted by visitors, it has shown to be a massive hit with everyone! Many fans have gotten to meet Danneel, Gino and others although unfortunately Jensen couldn’t be there due to Supernatural filming. I […]

After posting various snippets of the interview on social media, as well as images, we finally have the full interview of Jensen and Danneel, done by Fox 7 Austin. I have added images to the gallery, including screencaps of the interview.     home > events/appearances > 2018 > fox 7 austin news visits the family business beer company     home > screencaps > interviews > 2018 > “supernatural” star […]

Last night, the first preview showing for The Family Business Beer Company took place, with Jensen and Danneel attending with Gino, Nate and other friends and family. Also attending were various bloggers, who later shared recounts of the night. I have added various images of the night to the gallery. Thank you to fans who posted […]